START UP CUBE Innovation | Entrepreneurship | Investment


The ITServe Start Up Cube is a platform that provides an opportunity for members who are entrepreneurs to collaborate, network, and fund business ideas and ventures through our member network. It is our mission to help entrepreneurs grow, create wealth, and provide access to the tools needed to achieve success.

The Services

ITServe Alliance has dedicated an entire team to facilitate, manage, and grow the Start Up Cube to ensure success and growth for our members. Our Innovation & Entrepreneurship team handles the following:

  1. Facilitate networking between startup’s and investors through our member companies
  2. Provide a platform for monthly start-ups to pitch their ideas
  3. Manage a pool of renowned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, professors from top MBA schools, and more to create a mentor system
  4. Actively and continuously seek out growth for entrepreneurs through invitation and promotion of venture funds


Learn & Connect

The Start Up cubes offers members unlimited access to our expert sources of the best market, legal, and legislative trends and knowledge. Collaboration is a key part in our efforts to provide value to those part of the Start Up Cube, which is why ITServe provides ample opportunities to learn from industry veterans, fellow IT company owners, and connect with other partners through ITServe Conferences and frequent events.

Collaborate & Grow

Our vast member community offers an endless amount of potential and opportunities to collaborate and take your business to the next level. Access to critical industry subjects and knowledge are available with the ability to collaborate and receive a free consultation with IT experts, so you can achieve your business goals. ITServe members can significantly reduce operating costs with member-exclusive discounts to job boards and insurance agency partners.