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ITServe Alliance started an initiative to help its members find new business opportunities around the world such as India. Our goal is to provide an easy path to build relationships with the heads of IT and non-IT sectors through minsters, secretaries, and other corresponding state governments.

The AP government appointed ITServe Alliance as the US partner for creating IT hubs and generating employment in Andhra Pradesh. It was created during the CBN government and continues with the Jaganmohan Reddy government.

ITServe Alliance has established a partnership and with our member firms, we have created 5,000 jobs combined in the state of A.P. between 2018 and September 2020.


  1. ITServe Executive team along with the Telangana State IT secretary Mr. Jayesh Ranjan are on track to establish a similar arrangement as with the AP Government. It is expected to close by the last quarter of 2020.
  2. In the first round, ITServe plans to generate a minimum of 10,000 jobs in Telangana State, by establishing IT hubs in partnership with the state government’s IT ministry. This will be done by or before December 31, 2020.


The ITServe Alliance International Affairs team plans to establish similar relationships with other state governments in India. These partnerships will provide ITServe members with new investment and business opportunities in the IT and non-IT sectors. In association with local state governments, our members will be able to create new jobs, develop IT zones, and more. Through these joint ventures, ITServe member companies can look towards expanding their investment portfolio in other industries like manufacturing, real estate, construction, and more with public and private business partnerships.

  1. We have been successful at creating new relationships with other local and state governments and providing a unique opportunity for our member companies. Here’s what we’ve been able to accomplish so far:

    Vizag shared office space established 25 members and created 5,000+ jobs

  2. Established a partnership with the Tamil Nadu government and work closely to route all US investments into the State of TN
  3. Our Northeast Chapter met with MLA Mr. Ganesh Bigala of Nizamabad, Telangana in conjunction with ITServe and the TS government.


Our work doesn’t stop there. We have much more in store for the future of our International Business Affairs committee to continue providing value and new opportunities for our members. Here’s what we’re working on bringing to our members:

  1. Ongoing discussions with Goa, Kerala Chief Ministers to set up a partnership for back-offices