ITServe PR & Media


Our PR & Media pillar is an integral part of the ITServe Alliance and acts as a bridge between our organization, members, and the public. Our team’s core responsibility is to reflect and communicate the work of ITServe to our members and the world as a whole.

As the organization’s most public-facing unit, we strive hard to maintain one voice and always be heard.

Collaboration between the PR & Media team and our members is a significant part of the team’s functions. Members play a significant role in our PR & Media department’s success by providing valuable feedback and communicating our members’ needs, accomplishments, and status.



Coordinate and communicate agenda with members and other pillars of ITServe, including:

  • Membership,
  •  Benefits,
  •  Immigration & Legal,
  • PAC,
  • ITServe President’s office,
  • Governing Board,
  • Executive Board, and
  • CSR


Create content for ITServe in all capacities, including by collecting articles, developing member and Chapter event content, preparing and publishing monthly newsletters, and publishing the Conference Journal
Help conduct monthly Chapter meetings, Board meetings, Flyers & Announcements, etc., on a day-to-day basis.
Coordinate with external media and news agencies to publish announcements, communicate ITServe’s services, and share achievements with the community and its members.
Help grow the ITServe Alliance community by reaching out to new members, convey ITServe’s activities, and enhance the strength of its membership enrollments.
Support fundraising events through promotions, which is one of the critical functions of this non-profit organization, member-centric, and serves the member community.
Continuously stay up to date with USCIS, the Federal Government, and any other governmental bodies for updates and new regulations that may be relevant to our members and community to notify them promptly.