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BENEFITS with access to professional market knowledge.


As a member of ITServe Alliance, each IT organization will instantly become part of our international community of over 1,200 members and member companies gaining access to market knowledge, industry trends, and new developments.

ITServe Alliance has built a strong member-focused community within the IT industry where professionals and experts alike can collaborate, present new business ventures, and work together to find new ways to overcome industry obstacles.

At ITServe Alliance, we put our members first and continue to work diligently so that the voices and concerns of our members are heard to create better business practices.


ITServe Alliance keeps the needs and interests of our members at the forefront of everything we do. Our goal is to create an open community of industry professionals and pilot the way for future growth for all of our member companies and ITServe Alliance as a whole. ITServe Alliance members will receive all of the following and more at a local and global level:

The support and knowledge of over 1,200 members and member companies Unlimited access to the best market, legal, and legislative trends

Constant exchange of valuable resources within our member community to help you seamlessly take your business to the next level

Significantly lower operating costs with exclusive discounts (job boards & insurance agencies)

Grow your business by connecting with potential customers and build valuable relationships with industry leaders for endless business opportunities

Unlimited access to the best market, legal, and legislative trends

Invitations to annual ITServe Conferences to be some of the first to discuss and take advantage of new trends and developments in the IT industry with other experts