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At ITServe, we are big believers in paying it forward and know the importance of giving back. We hold a corporate responsibility and pride ourselves on making a positive impact and changes that benefit the communities we are involved in.

Through our Local Chapters, we encourage all of our members to donate and support in whatever way possible as we come together to focus our efforts in accomplishing our four major initiatives.

COVID-19 Protective equipment

Due to the rise of COVID-19, there has been a shortage of personal protective equipment kits and the need is at an all-time high. ITServe is committed to donating personal protective equipment kits (PPEs), masks, and any additional equipment needed to various hospitals, emergency centers, police departments, fire departments, government employees and any other front-line workers to support their efforts and bravery during this pandemic.

COVID-19 Ethical People Scholarships

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on our school systems requiring all of our students and teachers to adapt to remote work. Many students who do not have access to computers, internet, or any other additional equipment needed to communicate with teachers and complete their work are at a disadvantage.

It is imperative that during this time we support our students and school systems in order to continue education.

ITServe has taken action encouraging students to continue their learning by offering scholarship opportunities for those who are studying in community colleges, are from poorer families, or any other student struggling from inadequate needs in order to complete their work. Those who are offered the Ethical People Scholarship will be provided equipment, supplies, or any other additional needed to complete their school work.

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Feed the Hungry

ITServe will provide food to local food banks to help hungry individuals and families. We encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to ITServe, so we can provide support where needed. Our Local Chapters are key partners in completing this initiative as they provide essential communication and knowledge to help those in need.

Web Platform for Next Gen Kids

It is imperative to all future generations that we help support our children who want to make a difference through public service in American politics. To encourage children, ITServe will be creating a web-based platform providing a solid foundation with information on how to lead a public life. The platform will aim to keep children, students, and those interested in getting into American politics as informed as possible by providing tips and information from Congressmen, Senators, and people who are investing in elections.