ITserve Educate | Lobby | Litigate


Our PAC purpose and the ITServe promise is to protect our member companies from external threats, create a platform to help our members grow, and bring success to our member businesses.

Our process to fulfill our promises hinges on our 3 fundamental pillars of the ITServe PAC: educate, lobby, and litigate.


Educate legislators and the greater community using digital and traditional on the benefits of Hi1B program and eliminate misconceptions about the H-1B programs.


Meet, collaborate, and lobby with congressmen and senators to work together to help write and amend laws that are favorable to our members’ business interests.


Continue to fight the USCIS’s unjust regulations and unfair interpretations against non-immigrant workers. ITServe has filed multiple cases challenging USCIS memos that include employer-employee relationships, short term ternary approvals and amendments requirement.


We’ve kept our promise to our members and the community at large to continue fighting for their best interests. Here’s just some of the ways we’ve been able to make a difference:

  1. Challenged and successfully reversed I-983 STEM OPTs
    placement restrictions at third-party sites benefiting
    thousands of employers and students
  2. Won to rescind 2018 ‘Contracts & Itinerary Memo’
  3. Successfully rescinded 2010 Neufeld memo
  4. Historic ITSERVE Memo
  5. $350 Million Security Fees Refund case filled, seeking class-action status
  6. Established a direct channel of communications with USCIS