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Legislative Accomplishments – ITServe Alliance

Legislative Accomplishments


Significant Legislative Achievements by ITSERVE

Reversed the course on OPT (I-983 Restrictions) holders’ restrictions by USCIS to work at Third Party client’s locations.
USCIS has withdrawn 2010 Neufeld Memo

➢ Rescinded Employee & Employer Relationship.
➢ Rescinded Itinerary Memo R equirements to renew/extend/transfer/new H1B visas.
➢ Rescinded Client Letter Requirements.
➢ Rescinded Short – Term Approvals.
Rescinded the DOL Interim Final Rule, which was devasting to the H1B holders as no one can afford to pay those enhanced wages. Have we not taken the bull by the horn, it would have resulted in mass layoffs and an unsustainable situation for individuals to survive.
We successfully challenged the H – 1B wage level increases by suing USCIS and DOL. DOL reimbursed a part of our legal costs – $25,000.
Filed as an intervenor in the H1B lottery rule Change and were successful in keeping it intact the process to allow the current lottery system to prevail. US District Court for the District of Columbia issued an order on March 1, 2022 (Case No.1:21-cv-01725(TNM).


Current litigation initiatives

➢ Simieo Solutions (H1B Amendments & Employee – Employer relationship)
➢ “50/50” case ($4,000 fee refund for change of status employees picked in lottery)
➢ Massive surge in FDNS site visits
➢ Denial and delay of visa application processing at US Consulates in India and elsewhere for want of Client Letters, which is contrary to our 2020 ITServe Agreement with USCIS etc.,

Other plans to protect our members

➢ In person Lobby Day in July 2022 – meet 150 legislators at DC
➢ Create connected PAC to support our lobbying efforts
➢ Introduce Bill in Congress – HIRE ( High – skilled Immigration Reform for Employment ) Act Bill
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