ITServe Alliance is an association of IT Services organizations. The alliance is dedicated to providing its member organizations with a platform to collaborate and initiate measures that would contribute to protecting their interests and ensuring collective success.

ITServe Alliance has benefited many organizations to excel in their area of IT business. Some of the key accomplishments of our organizations include:

ITServe policy advocacy success stories which benefited IT services and staffing employees and employers.

  • Neufeld Memo:
    • USCIS modified FAQ to allow to say client letter is not required and other evidence is accepted as a direct result of IT Serve efforts.
    • This helped Skilled Immigrants to continue to have access to H1 even though working at client sites.
  • HR 6080 – 2011
    • Most provisions that were damaging on I-129 were removed (End Client info).
    • This helped Skilled Immigrants to move jobs from one client to other without filing amendments.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill – 2013
    • Added new text to the Bill: This section of the bill also provides “Intending Immigrant” language (AILA/AIC summary, page 61; Section 4211 of Reform Bill) in which an H-1B beneficiary whose employer has begun the green card process for him or her will not be counted towards the numbers above as an H-1B employee.
    • Most of the consulting companies file GreenCards for Skilled Immigrants, this condition forces each consulting firm to file GreenCard immediately, which helps Skilled Immigrants.