Summary: Need More Sales To Grow Your Business – How About The Sales You’ve Already Paid For

There is nothing worse in life (and business) than paying for something and not getting it.

Every day in every company, leaders are settling for what is served to them – not what they should be receiving. And even worse – not what they and the company have already paid for.

Sales, salespeople, and sales organizations are the only function in a company where getting close, or winning on occasion, or hitting a low percentage (fill in your number under 50%) is acceptable. Why? Because leaders tolerate it. They accept it. They’ve been “culturalized” to believe that “sales is just a numbers game”. Sales is hit AND miss. You’ve been sold this – to hit more you have to miss more. Meaning you and your team will have to strike out on many occasions. Really? That can be true in high volume transaction sales. However, that thinking in low volume, big ticket, complex sales will destroy your company and lead to severe underperformance in dozens of ways.

Even Worse News

Shockingly, 99% of all companies are not even close to their sales optimization or sales potential. On average, companies with great products and services, strong brand, and excellent delivery only convert about 22-32% of ‘qualified’ demand, into new customers, clients or cash. Our experience helping thousands of CEOs proves that every company has one to two more levels of sales results easily available – FOR FREE! Because you have already paid for it, sometimes many times over.

How Do You Change?

It’s easy. You stop settling. “It’s just that simple”, as Ross Perot Sr would always say. Yes, you start to demand “sales optimization”. In every part of your company, at every level, from leaders to individual employees, you start to think, speak, act, and execute toward optimizing sales – perfect performance.

Where To StartThe fastest and smartest way to determine where and how to quickly – and for no money – achieve sales optimization is to go through an “MRI” of your company, organization, design and build. You must find out where the holes, defects and sales performance attack points are hiding. It’s not your salespeople – they just operate in the system you provided for them. Fixing or training salespeople will never (let me repeat) never achieve sales optimization. You need a cross functional team transforming these issues holistically:

Identify those areas that need to be accelerated (you will be surprised at which ones)

Identify those areas that need repair and fixing (you will have a lot – its normal)

Identify those areas that need to be built (every company has holes, but they don’t see them because of blind spots). And finally,

Identify those areas that you must stop doing (this is easy money – but it’s hard to stop doing things).

Action Step – Do This Now

Go here – Have someone in your organization call us now so we can share with you how to start optimizing your sales performance immediately. There are numerous “quick hits” that can be worth millions of dollars even to small companies. And they won’t cost a dime to do. It’s basically free money – Free Sales.

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