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When you become a member of the ITServe Alliance, one of the most incredible benefits is the ability to be a part of our Marketplace. The Marketplace platform is a one-stop-shop to showcase your business’s products, solutions, and services to hundreds of other members. Providing an exclusive platform where our community can connect with other industry professionals has allowed our members to create ever-lasting, beneficial relationships while watching their businesses grow.

Members have the opportunity to offer beyond just a product or service by creating a full experience for their customers that will also give them a leg up amongst competitors. By creating a strong member profile with multiple locations, product and solution videos, and more, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a strong brand presence to boost your business all with our Marketplace platform.

Here’s what you can expect from our Marketplace:

  1. Showcase unlimited products and solutions
  2. Search product and solution keywords to find competent
    member companies
  3. Search information and contact companies for pass-through
    vendors in minutes
  4. Expand Expand your audience by adding locations around
    the globe
  5. Strengthen your message with product/solution videos
  6. Increase web traffic to your company website
  7. Get contacted by customers directly
  8. Build your company brand