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Our insurance programs made for IT staffing and solutions firms. we give you the coverage you need while saving you an average of 30%. These cost savings, combined with our superior customer service.

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We offer a full range of property and casualty coverages:


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  • General Liability

General Liability (GL) insurance, sometimes called small business liability insurance or commercial liability insurance, provides insurance coverage for your business against claims made by others including bodily injury, damage to property, or personal injury.

A general liability insurance policy accounts for your business being at fault for bodily injury, property damage, personal or advertising injury. Professional liability insurance coverage, on the other hand, protects businesses and individuals against claims made by clients for wrongful acts resulting in economic damage.

What does General Liability Insurance cover?

Bodily Injury

Medical Expenses

Damage to Someone Else’s Property

Personal Injury

Advertising Injury

Electronic Data Liability

Defense Costs

Actions of Your Full-Time Employees and Temporary Staff

Supplemental Payments

Worldwide Insurance Coverage


Workers’ Compensation


Employers are legally obligated to take reasonable care to assure that their workplaces are safe. Nevertheless, accidents happen. When they do, workers compensation insurance provides coverage.

Workers compensation insurance serves two purposes: It assures that injured workers get medical care and compensation for a portion of the income they lose while they are unable to return to work and it usually protects employers from lawsuits by workers injured while working.

Workers receive benefits regardless of who was at fault in the accident. If a worker is killed while working, workers comp (as it is often abbreviated) provides death benefits for the worker’s dependents.


Why you need workers’ comp insurance?


Most states require businesses with one or more employees to have workers’ compensation insurance; only a few states don’t require it

States that require workers’ comp typically impose significant penalties for companies that don’t comply

Coverage is necessary regardless of fault; injured workers are typically eligible for workers’ compensation, even if their injuries resulted from their own negligence

Health or medical insurance doesn’t substitute for workers’ comp; employees are only covered for on-the-job injuries or job-related illnesses


 Business Property

Business property insurance, also known as commercial property insurance, protects a company’s properties and on-site physical assets against damage due to certain causes of loss. This type of business insurance can help minimize the financial impact on a business following certain accidents, weather events or other hazards.


Businesses with any physical assets of value should have commercial property insurance. A physical asset of value doesn’t have to be a building; it could be expensive computer equipment or other items that would be costly to replace.


A business property insurance policy generally protects physical assets such as the building itself; business personal property, which includes items like work equipment, furniture, computers and inventory; and others’ belongings within the workplace.

The policy’s causes of loss forms define which events these assets will be covered against. Here are the three main forms, along with the types of damage they cover


Business Auto

If your business owns vehicles, Commercial Auto Insurance can provide financial protection should you or an employee become involved in an auto accident while in a company-owned vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance policy to provide:

Liability Coverage – protection for bodily injury and property damage to others

Physical Damage Coverage – protects an owned vehicle against accidental loss or damage.

Collision Coverage – covers losses resulting from the collision of your covered vehicle with another object or the overturn of a covered vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage – covers losses resulting from any cause of loss other than a collision or overturn. Collision with an animal or bird is available under this coverage.


Network & Information Security Liability/Cyber

Cyber insurance, also known as cybersecurity insurance, is a type of business liability insurance that protects your business against cyber security risks and data breaches. Cyber insurance can help restore employee and customer identities, recover compromised data and repair damaged computers and networks, whether your business is the victim of a data breach, social engineering, ransomware, or phishing attack.

Cyber insurance covers the following first-party and post-breach expenses: 

· Privacy attorney

· IT forensic investigation

· Compliance with state notification laws

· Credit monitoring for breached individuals

· PR firm to manage the crisis

· Regulatory fines

· Class action lawsuits resulting from the breach


Professional Errors & Omissions

Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage, is designed to protect your business against claims that professional advice or services you provided caused a customer financial harm due to actual or alleged mistakes or a failure to perform a service.

In addition to responding to customer’s financial losses, professional liability coverage can help your business:

  • Pay legal expenses. Whether your business is at fault or not, legal costs can add up. A professional liability policy can help your firm cover unexpected legal fees for valid claims and frivolous suits alike.
  • Manage claims. Your professional liability insurer can help your business respond to claims and guide you through arbitration or litigation.
  • Meet contractual requirements. Many corporate service contracts require professional service providers to carry professional liability coverage.
  • Compete. Carrying professional liability coverage can give you a competitive advantage by giving your customers an extra level of security.

Umbrella Liability

 A commercial umbrella liability policy will generally cover:

  • Building, work equipment, and other business property damage
  • Medical bill expenses, attorney fees, and damages stemming from a lawsuit
  • Judgments and settlements

In business, you want to be prepared for both the success you anticipate and the unexpected disasters you don’t. Commercial liability umbrella insurance, commonly referred to as CLUP insurance, provides extra coverage for the worst-case scenarios that exceed the liability limits of your existing policy limits. It also offers you the flexibility to up your liability protection over multiple policies at once.


1st and 3rd Party Crime

Crime is one of the top causes of loss for modern businesses. Crime Insurance can protect your business from both first party risks and third party accusations of crime arising from your business. First party coverage is insurance for direct losses to the business from a covered criminal act.

Third party coverage is for accusations from others that a criminal act related to your business caused a loss. A common circumstance is an accusation of theft by your employee of another’s property.

Crime Insurance is necessary for all business sizes and types. In fact, crime inside the office is almost never a one-time incident. Once an employee develops the habit of stealing, it is very hard to stop it.

In addition, an employee committing criminal acts can influence other employees to do the same.


Directors & Officers Liability

Directors and officers insurance protects the people who serve as directors and officers of a company if they’re sued by employees, customers, vendors or others. It can cover defense costs, a settlement and other expenses that arise out of the lawsuit.

Directors and officers insurance can help your company if the directors and officers are accused of wrongdoings such as:

  • Causing a financial loss or bankruptcy
  • Failure to comply with workplace laws
  • Misrepresentation of company assets
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Slander, libel and copyright infringement
  • Mismanaged funds
  • Discrimination against an employee


Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is a type of business insurance coverage that may help pay for legal costs if your business is sued by an employee or contractor. EPLI may help protect your business against the following types of lawsuits:

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation/adverse actions
  • Wrongful termination
  • Deprivation of a career opportunity
  • Violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

EPLI is typically sold as an optional coverage that you can add on to your existing business owners policy, but it’s important to check with your insurer to understand what options are available for your business.

I intend to enhance the existing benefits and add new benefits that are beneficial to the member companies in their day-to-day business operations.
As a part of the ITServe CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, we will support the talented & economically disadvantaged students in the Universities across the communities through STEM scholarships as well as STEM educational programs and training.
We plan to introduce/establish more new chapters (viz., New England, Raleigh, Denver, Minneapolis & Memphis) during my term within the country as well as overseas (India, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, Europe & South East Asia
We will use our full potential combined with enhanced benefits to increase our footprint in the existing chapters and through new chapters.
Introduction of various Sports throughout the year based on the survey conducted in the last quarter of 2021 across the chapters. The Semi-finals and Finals will be held at the Annual Synergy Conference.

We plan on introducing ITServe Awards initiative/program and qualifying the member companies based on their performance, economic growth through their best practices, and the contributions they made. These awards will certainly instill quality standards and best business practices in compliance with the laws of the land, rules, and regulations under which we all operate, among the member community.

We will use our full potential to enhance member collaboration and engagement through their participation in the weeks and months ahead to network and grow business.

We will enhance business support to the existing and new sponsors with the induction of new members and chapters throughout the year and meeting their needs.

Continue to pursue the PAC Lobbying & Litigation efforts and hope to bring the legislative success to help support the member community and their respective businesses from time to time.

Help member companies to create more employment and retain it within the communities across the country.

We admire all the Platinum & Grand Sponsors who have come forward and offered their sponsorships/support ahead of time speaks volumes about their confidence and commitment to the organization. We value your sponsorship immensely and look forward to working with you.

I will end with a quote from Steve Jobs. If you are working on something exciting that you care about, you do not have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. ITServe is a perfect example of its growth & contributions made to all its constituents and the community through CSR initiatives, which goes without saying!



National President – ITServe Alliance.