Big Data for Managing IT Operations: Data Warehouse or Data Lakes?

In 2015, we are standing in the prime era of big data. Analytics platforms are evolving day by day, just like the way they had continuously evolved in past years, but now it’s time for implementation.

For the very long time, IT departments have been burdened with data collection in service of optimizing and automating all types of business processes. This phenomenon in turning inward as high number of IT teams are accumulating petabytes of sensor, raw machine and log data in hopes of visualizing and after that optimizing their very own operations.

IT spending taking the Highway Root in 2015

With economy showing signs of improvement, IT world is being more optimistic and showing enthusiasm by taking the highway for investing in hottest technologies. World IT leaders are eager than ever to bring unique and promising technologies in their mix for the best results.

IT sector will experience kick up expenditure on customer-facing technologies, security tools, social and mobile tools, information collaboration & exchange technologies and in analytic systems. On other hand, it is quite prominent that expenditure on hardware will witness heavy fall, while service budget will rise. Let’s take the tour around segments that will experience the investment blast in upcoming years.

Sneaking Into Futuristic Technology Trends

It has become like a daily ritual now, every day we hear about some or other forms of technical developments in the news. Last few years were all about Internet of Things, the cloud, big data and cyber security; however, it seems that all those trends are still not ready leave the limelight as they are poised to dazzle the world with exciting new opportunities, integration possibilities and innovations in coming years.
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