IT SERVE’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program (Virtual)

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP!) is an exciting 40-hour program that transforms high school students into budding entrepreneurs. Through this program, students in grades 9 – 12 will learn the basics of entrepreneurship, cultivate and research business ideas, write business plans, pitch to a panel of investors, learn how to obtain funding, develop their brand, and launch their business or nonprofit.  By learning entrepreneurial skills, the students develop not only the business and social skills attributed to entrepreneurship but will also help them achieve success and bring innovation to their future endeavors. 

Duration of the Program:

7 weeks for 5 days a week (60 minutes a day for learning and 15 minutes of workshops per day). 

Timings of the Program:

11:00 EST



Selection Criteria:

High school students first come first served and based on the applicant response. Open to both members and non-members of IT SERVE!  

About the Program:

Designed by a University professor with industry experience to help speed up student learning.


Online Learning and possible in/person workshops / mentoring sessions by IT serve members.


*Motivation for Entrepreneurial mindset
*Process towards Entrepreneurial transformation
*Practical implementation aimed at Entrepreneurship
*Specific concept/service/idea

Breakdown of Sessions:

Week 1:  The Entrepreneurial Perspective the Entrepreneurial Journey and Pathway 

Week 2:  The Ethical & Social Responsibilities of Entrepreneurship Creativity, Innovation, and Invention  

Week 3: Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunity Problem Solving & Need Recognition Techniques  

Week 4:  Telling Your Entrepreneurial Story/Ideas & Pitching them Entrepreneurial Marketing & Sales  

Week 5: Entrepreneurial Finance & Accounting Launch for Growth to Success Business Structure Options: Legal, Tax, & Risks Issues  

Week 6:  Business Model & Plan Building Networks & Foundations  

Week 7:  Final Presentations 

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