Synergy Conference

Recruiter Track: "Uncovering LinkedIn "BACKDOOR" candidates with a basic account" by Kristin Lyon, NewVector Group

Speaker(s): Kristin Lyon
Time: 10:00 - 11:00
Room: Cowboys C
Search is an ever-evolving process. In order to stay on top we must continue to differentiate ourselves by efficiently identifying and presenting outstanding slates of candidates to our clients.

Do you feel like EVERYONE has upgraded LinkedIn access?
Do you feel like your competition often connects with candidates faster than you?

Great News! You can still out maneuver them with better habits and better processes. Even if you don’t have upgraded access, Kristin Lyon will show you how to legally and ethically expand your toolkit to skillfully locate candidates through the "backdoor" of LinkedIn. Plus she will demonstrate how to dramatically increase the ROI you get from using LinkedIn and other social community sites – all for free!

*Bring your phone/tablet to the session so you can download the summary notes in color and follow along.

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