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ITServe Chicago Monthly Event - May 3rd 2018

May 3rd 2018 - ITServe Chicago Monthly Event

Location: Royal Palace Banquet, 1570 Ogden Ave, Naperville, IL 60540

Monthly Sponsors:
Ceipal & International Legal and Business Services Group LLP

Dress Code:

6.00 PM-7.00 PM:
 Cocktail & Networking.

7.00 PM-7.15 PM: Keynote Speech by Chapter President

7:15 PM-7:30 PM: Water Smart Faucets by 9th graders, Ahana Narayanan, Manasvi Thumu, Shivani Venkatraman from Waubonsie Valley High School.   

7:30 PM-7:50 PM: Naperville Mayor, Steve Chirico understands the importance of a well-balanced community, a strong business climate and a solid economic development plan. Spearheading a culture of innovation within City departments and facilitating partnerships that streamline government with the goal of lower taxes.    

7:50 PM-8:05 PM:CEIPAL Corp is a global leader powering the strategic evolution of HR industry. It is relied upon by various industry leading firms to drive their end-to-end recruitment cycle and HR operations.

8:05 PM-8:30 PM: Optimized Solutions International is a global professional services organization providing business enterprise solutions, a pioneer in applying innovative, technology-based solutions to common business problems

8:30 PM-9:30 PM: Dinner & Networking.

Platinum Sponsors –AIS (Advanced Insurance Services) & Vitel Global​
Advanced Insurance Services (AIS),
Agency Inc. is a fully licensed insurance agency that specializes in providing employers and individuals with the best insurance plans available.
Vitel Global is a cloud-based business phone system provider exclusively for organizations that require professional communication features.

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