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ITServe Houston Chapter Annual Meet - December 8th, 2018

ITServe Houston Chapter Annual Meet - December 8th, 2018 

Annual Special Event

Open Only To Member CEO’s/ Owners/Sponsors and their families from 5.00 PM onwards

Venue: Texas Safari Ranch 

RSVP is Must for Evening Special Event


- National Progress Recap 

- Local chapter progress recap

- Core committee appreciation 

- Special recognition 

- Event closure DJ 

Event Special Guests: 

Raghu Sunki - AIS, Rahul Reddy - Reddy & Neumann P.C., Sunny Reddy- VOIP office, Uma Mantravadi - Mantra Law, Ramesh Cherivirala -NY LIfe, Roger - Chase Bank, 

2018 ITServe Platinum Sponsors

Vital Global & AIS Insurance
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