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Growing Firms Forum - March 16th program - 8am - 5pm

Dear Friends


Here are the details for growing firms forum on March 16th in Irving . Please block your calendar from 8:00 AM to 5 PM. Breakfast and Lunch will be served at the premises.


Cost is $500 per attendee.

Dress code Business casual.

Location : 433 E Las Colinas Blvd, Conference Room Ground floor, Irving, TX 75039


Session :

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM to 12:00 noon Morning session

12:00 noon to 1 PM Lunch

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM afternoon session


Here is some additional detail on the material will be prepared to cover on the 16th:            


Company Culture Every company has a distinct culture. People often describe theirs with words like honest, ethical, hardworking, fun or perhaps some negatives like under-achieving, poorly managed or slow. Many people overlook characteristics of their company that most definitely affects culture like accountability systems, hiring and training capability, teamwork, competitiveness or even how safe people feel expressing their opinions. Whatever your culture is, overt time it will attract people that fit it and fail to retain those that don’t. We’ll start the day with a discussion on how important a healthy culture is to your success. All of the other topics for the day have significant impact on improving your culture so this opening topic is designed to “set the table” for the rest of the day


Hiring Best Practices  In the staffing industry (and beyond), the overall success rate, defined as “what percentage of all my hires are still with me and meeting or exceeding standards after one year” is shockingly low. Of course many people still have people around after a year that don’t meet standards and we’ll talk about that later in the program but in this section we will cover topics like People Pipeline, Assessment Tools, Interviewing Technique & Questions, Onboarding, really all components of an effective hiring process


Establishing Sales & Recruiting Standards  It may (or may not) shock you that very few staffing companies have formally established production standards that they expect their sales and recruiting staff to hit. Because not many have established these, it’s all too easy to overlook or be indecisive with people that are not producing enough to earn their keep. We’ll explore how you might define production standards in your company and ideas on how to manager them. Tom will have some examples to share


Accountability Systems in Your Company Most companies have average to weak accountability systems and this can be one of the most important areas to work on improving. What is the use of setting standards on activity, production or behavioral expectations if you are weak or haphazard at holding all accountable? We’ll cover several aspects of this including components of effective systems, leadership 101, using effective feedback systems, getting more comfortable & effective with productive conflict and how much better your company will be if you can improve in this area


Effective Compensation Systems  the final topic of the day will be a review of what good compensation programs look like, compensation best practices and how to evaluate the effectiveness and affordability of your compensation plans. Tom will have examples to review


Thank you!

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