With economy showing signs of improvement, IT world is being more optimistic and showing enthusiasm by taking the highway for investing in hottest technologies. World IT leaders are eager than ever to bring unique and promising technologies in their mix for the best results.

IT sector will experience kick up expenditure on customer-facing technologies, security tools, social and mobile tools, information collaboration & exchange technologies and in analytic systems. On other hand, it is quite prominent that expenditure on hardware will witness heavy fall, while service budget will rise. Let’s take the tour around segments that will experience the investment blast in upcoming years.

Business Analytics & Security

Big data is still a ginormous concern for corporates. In the survey conducted by computerworld, more that 35% of the IT experts said that enterprise analytics, business intelligence and data mining will be their most favorite destinations to spend their IT dollars.

Higher education has just started to realize the value of big data and how to utilize analytics. In coming years, universities will start marshaling their dollars and resources necessary to accomplish corporate wide CRM project that will cover business intelligence and analytic platform.

High profile security breach incidents took place in last couple of years has put spending on security on priority list. Corporates expressed their desire to create balance between agility and security and that is why IT companies will positively spend more in specific security areas like intrusion prevention, access control, virus & malware protection and identity management.

Application Development

As applications are taking the center stage to run corporate operations, IT professionals are planning to spend on upgrading, developing or replacing applications, including mobile apps.

Corporates are required to build unique applications and upgrade others in order to get optimum functionality. Mobile applications specifically witnessing investment priorities as companies want their customers to claim their product or service offerings though their mobile device.


Specifically talking about wireless or mobile technologies, companies will concentrate investing on RFID technology, Wi-Fi, remote access tools, mobile device management systems and mobile/wireless devices in coming years as these technologies has the potential to turn around their business processes completely.

Not Making Cut In Priority List

As investment will rise in some potential segments, there will be segments witnessing fall in investment amount. Among such areas, hardware is the first one to be in the list. Companies will spend as much less as possible on servers, laptops, desktops, and other kinds of equipment.

Another cold area on investment will be on-premise software as companies are less interested in investing in CRM and ERP systems, service-oriented architecture, individual point applications, Web services, open-source tools, e-business software, operating systems, and content management tools.