IT Serve Alliance And Its Mission To Serve The Community

ITServe Alliance is the largest association of IT consulting firms in the U.S. Member companies provide services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies by hiring employees in the U.S., and more importantly, keeping jobs in the U.S. Through our membership, we reach out to elected officials, the media, and government agencies to find ways to better address the immigration needs of our member companies and their employees. Over the last six years, ITServe has worked to bring to light some of the issues consulting firms and their employees face in navigating the current business immigration system.

Employer And Employee Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

The current U.S. immigration system is broken according to most experts. IT Serve Alliance and its members realize that we can achieve greater success by working together and fighting for better laws and regulations, alongside our employees. If employers and employees both understand the other’s perspectives, and work together, there will be greater harmony and success for all concerned in the long term.

Pledge Of IT Serve Alliance

To the extent that ITServe has historically been focused on employers’ interests, we fully recognize that it is also the hard work and dedication of employees that has made it possible for our members to establish, maintain and grow successful IT consulting firms. Employees need employers who create jobs and employers need a strong and happy workforce to keep growing businesses. Our recognition and appreciation for these employees will be reflected in our actions.

To that end, we pledge to our member companies, their employees, and the public at large: We will work together and pursue changes in immigration laws and regulations that would lead to a U.S. immigration system that is less burdensome and beneficial for all parties. We are stronger when we are united.

IT Serve’s New Advisory Board Member Is Leader In The Field

Recently, our organization invited renowned U.S. immigration attorney, Sheela Murthy, founder of the Murthy Law Firm, to serve as our Immigration Policy and Advocacy Board Advisor. Ms. Murthy agreed and her philosophy is for us to advocate for “win-win” solutions that help both employers and employees. Her fresh perspective helped us to better understand the complex U.S. immigration system and consider the rights, obligations and limitations of all parties, under the current system.